International Conference on Mechanics for Global Challenges

Sponsored by CSTAM, NTU, NUS, A*STAR
Co-organised with MRS-S in conjunction with ICMAT 2021

Researchers in mechanics, traditionally categorized as solid mechanics, fluid mechanics and computational mechanics, are today actively addressing a wide variety of problems ranging from new materials, energy, space, biology, food and health technologies, electronic devices, manufacturing, robotics and devices. In spite of numerous society level mechanics conferences across the globe which are often organized around traditional disciplinary boundaries (Solids, Fluids, Computation, Biomechanics, etc), so far there is no mechanics conference to bring different mechanics communities together to brainstorm and address various grand challenges. The Conference is intended as the first global forum for the mechanics communities worldwide to discuss how mechanics can be used as an enabling tool to help address grand challenges of our time. Singapore’s geological location and culture offers a unique opportunity to start the intended international conference on mechanics for global challenges.

Conference Tracks:

  • Mechanics for energy applications;
  • Mechanobiology and biomechanics;
  • Mechanics for flexible electronics and health applications;
  • Mechanics for soft and metamaterials;
  • Mechanics of bio-inspired and biomimetic systems;
  • Mechanics of low-dimensional materials;
  • Mechanics for space exploration;
  • Mechanics for manufacturing and robotics;
  • Mechanics for food and plant sciences;
  • Mechanics of structural materials;
  • Mechanics of multifunctional materials and structures;
  • Applications of machine learning in mechanics;
  • Mechanics of earthquake and tsunami hazards

~ Speakers’ list forthcoming ~


Huajian Gao
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Jimmy Hsia
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Yong-Wei Zhang
Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR, Singapore

Chwee Teck Lim
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Ares Rosakis
California Institute of Technology

Daining Fang
Beijing Institute of Technology


Huajian Gao
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore