Energy Materials

Symposium O

Emerging Inorganic Materials for Solar Energy Harvesting:
From Theory, Synthesis to Devices

We invite the submission of recent emerging inorganic materials for solar energy harvesting devices such as solar cells, solar-assisted water splitting, and CO2 reduction reactions. Examples include but not limited to:

Oxides: BiVO4, Fe2O3, FeZrO2, CuBiO2, ZnFe2O4, etc, and their derivatives
Sulfides: Sb2S3, Sb2Se3, CuSbS2, Se, etc, and their derivatives
Kesterite: Cu2ZnSnS4 and its novel compounds
Nitrides: ZnSnN2, metal oxynitrides (TiON, ZrON, TaON, and their derivatives)
and other novel materials

  • Synthesis, characterizations of emerging inorganic photoabsorber, charge-transporting layers, transparent conductors;
  • Theoretical prediction of novel inorganic materials for solar harvesting;
  • Nanostructuring strategies for novel inorganic materials;
  • New device structures for photovoltaics, solar water splitting, photocatalysis, photoelectrochemistry, CO2 reduction, etc.;
  • Novel electrocatalyst design, synthesis, and characterization for solar water splitting, photocatalysis, CO2 reduction reactions, etc.;
  • High throughput techniques, machine-learning assisted the discovery of new materials, etc.;
  • Novel approaches for enhancing light absorption using inorganic materials such as up/down conversion, solar concentrator, etc.;
  • High-efficiency solar cells, solar water splitting devices, and photocatalysts.

~ Speakers’ list forthcoming ~


Lydia Wong
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Frank Osterloh
University of California at Davis, USA

Jiang Tang
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Yun Jeong Hwang
Korea Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea

Joel Tan
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Lydia Wong
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore